It's not about having a specific set time; both personal and professional lives are 24/7. It's simply, more about making the right allocation to each one and recognizing that it's going to be different every single day."

We, SMART SOLUTIONS Team, strive to satisfy our customers more than their expectations!

Captain Dagim Million
CEO and Founder
About Company


SmartSol stands as a beacon of excellence, rejecting mediocrity in both operations and customer service. As a dynamic multinational company, we lead the way in General Trading, with a rich six-year history.
Established as more than just a company, Smart Solutions has evolved into a global community where expertise converges from diverse corners. Our team is a fusion of brilliant minds, collaborates seamlessly, driven by a shared passion for excellence and innovation.

Headquartered in the thriving hub of Sharjah, UAE, we transcend borders, importing and exporting products globally without technological constraints. At Smart Solutions, we harness the power of a global network, with our experts utilizing the latest technology to explore opportunities that bring tangible benefits to the companies we engage with.

From quarry to bagging, we are committed to providing top-notch equipment and spare parts for all stages of manufacturing. Crushers, Raw Mills, Pre-heaters, Kilns, Coolers, Cement Mills (be it Vertical or Ball Mills), Silos, and Packing Plants – we cover the entire spectrum.

SmartSol Advantage: Beyond Trade
    • More Than Just Traders: We transcend traditional roles, evolving into partners in progress, offering a collaborative approach for sustained success.
    • Expert-Only Zone: Our exclusive collaboration with seasoned professionals ensures a top-tier experience, delivering unparalleled expertise in every interaction.
    • Tailored Solutions: Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, we craft bespoke solutions aligning with diverse client preferences, guaranteeing optimal performance.
    • Zero Permanence Policy: Steadfast in our commitment to minimal disruption, we eschew permanent machine or site modifications, preserving the integrity of existing setups.
    • Unlock Untapped Potential: Transforming unrealized potential into kinetic success, we boost businesses from operating at 50% to a maximum 100%, unleashing untapped capacities.
    • Holistic Support: Beyond issue identification and resolution, our professionals provide comprehensive training, ensuring a holistic solution for sustained excellence.
    • Payment After Results: Demonstrating confidence in our service, we deploy experts, resolve issues, train teams, and only then request payment, aligning our success with yours.
    • Waste Reduction Advocates: Committed to sustainability, we champion waste reduction by optimizing existing setups, contributing to a greener, more efficient future for businesses.


Our Policies



Empowering African industries, we envision a modernized future for the sugar and cement sectors, catalyzing heightened productivity, addressing efficiency challenges, and ensuring sustained optimal performance.


Transforming African industries, SmartSolution modernizes sugar and cement plants, eliminating efficiency gaps, ensuring uninterrupted operations, and streamlining spare parts supply for seamless, full-capacity functionality.


We meticulously inspect each ordered cargo pre-ex-factory, guaranteeing compliance with material, dimension, performance, and packaging requirements. Open to customer site inspections, our commitment to excellence is unwavering.
Work Process

Benefits with us – Our Modus Operandi

Step 1


Understanding clients' requirements, and identifying gaps for tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.
Step 2


Detailed blueprints integrate cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, ensuring sustainable growth for you.
Step 3


Seamlessly integrating efficient spare parts systems with state-of-the-art technologies to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity.
Step 4


Monitoring spare parts processes, gathering performance data, and refining strategies to empower companies for long-term success and satisfaction.
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